Corporate Social Responsibility


Braile Biomédica always seeks to adopt positions, behaviors and actions that promote the well-being of its internal and external publics.

Winter coats campaign Since its foundation, the company has supported and encouraged its employees, partners and the general public to participate in the campaign, which seeks donations from institutions and local people.

Citizenship Caravan Every year, Braile Biomédica collaborates for the Citizenship Caravan of Rio Preto. The company encourages its employees and supports them in the provision of health-related services to the population of the city.

Speeches and Interventions for Awareness Throughout the year the company promotes actions that aim at prevention and awareness. From internal actions such as the Week of Prevention of Accidents at Work to actions that alert its internal and external public on matters related to health such as Red September, Pink October, Blue November and the meetings promoted in partnership with the Pastoral of the Elderly, which aims to teach and alert about the diseases that affect the elderly.

Library and Reading Room Braile Biomédica encourages its employees to always seek professional and personal growth and understands that, much of the knowledge acquired is through reading. In order for the incentive to be effective, the company has a reading room and a library, with approximately one thousand copies available to all employees. In addition, it maintains subscription of newspapers and magazines for the employee's use.

Partnerships with institutions The company has partnerships with schools and educational institutions, to offer discounts to employees and their dependents, always seeking the improvement and growth of its collaborator.

Solidary Collaborators In addition to all the participation in campaigns and solidarity events, Braile Biomédica and its collaborators always participate in campaigns of gift donations, promoted by the Mayor Office and the Solidarity Social Fund of Rio Preto, such as Christmas and Children's Day campaigns.

100% Heart Campaign Since 2015, Braile Biomédica has been promoting the 100% Heart Campaign, which aims to disseminate information about heart disease and prevent it. This campaign is held annually in September, chosen as the month for the World Heart Day (September 29). During this period the company promotes actions such as lectures, internal and external interventions and seeks to engage the population in the prevention of diseases that affect the heart.