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Domingo Marcolino Braile, who has long written his name in the history of cardiology in the country, is part of a generation of surgeons - such as Euryclides Zerbini and Adib Jatene - who innovated medical practice and unraveled many of the secrets of the heart.

His professional growth has always been linked to scientific research, which has led him to create and develop techniques and products in the area of cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Braile believes that it is always time to convey knowledge. And it was with this disposition to teach that even before being a teacher, Dr. Domingo was already a spreader of knowledge. 

Throughout his medical career, he created and assisted the implantation of 21 medical services in various Centers and Hospitals, as the head of the Cardiac Surgery and Medical Residency Services in seven of them, which made him a preceptor of approximately 220 residents.


Develop innovative technologies that reduce the overall cost of health and are accessible for the population for the greater purpose for caring of people.


Being a leader in developing countries, driving our technology and innovation, ensuring competitiveness.


Life first; Be ahead of time; Nothing resists work; To work ethically is to believe in the future; Generation of profit and employment in a sustainable way.  


In order to ensure a more efficient management and maintain transparency, Braile Biomédica is a signatory of the Ethical Health Sector Agreement - Importers, Distributors and Manufacturers of Medical Devices, established by the the Brazilian Association of Importers and Distributors of Implants (ABRAIDI), the Ethos Institute and the importers, distributors and manufacturers of implantable medical devices.

This agreement has the goal of implementing a work program aimed at strengthening of an ethical and transparent business environment in the sale of medical products.

Since then, the company has been implementing a series of measures and procedures that guarantee an ethical performance in the Medical Devices market.

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And as a way to increase our commitment to transparency and ethics, Braile Biomédica requests that reports be registered in the Complaints and Reporting Channel of the Ética Saúde Institute.  Click here to access it.

  • The information recorded can be made anonymously or it can be identified. Identified complaints are very important because they can make the calculation and verification more accurate and quicker.

Attention: the veracity of the information is the responsibility of the rapporteur. All information will be verified during the investigation process, and the resulting actions will be taken at the sole discretion of the Sectoral Agreement of the Ética Saúde Institute.