With great happiness and pride, we say that we were honored with the Aristides dos Santos Fidelity Trophy, as a result of the Diversity & Inclusion Program, Sua Voz Nossa Voz.

The Municipality of São José do Rio Preto, through the Municipal Department of Rights and Policies for Women, People with Disabilities, Race and Ethnicity, together with the Afro Municipal Council, delivered the trophy to Braile, in the ceremony that took place last Friday, November 19 at the Rio Preto City Hall. This trophy is a tribute to personalities and companies that provided relevant services to the Black Community.

We feel very honored to receive the honor and it will certainly bring more energy to continue carrying out our very important Program. We believe that diversity goes beyond respecting, accepting and including differences, it is essential to understand that a team with different profiles is richer in talent, improves results and contributes to the success and growth of the company.

Learn more about who was Aristides dos Santos

Considered the most illustrious representative of the race in Rio Preto, Aristides was a leader of the black community, helped to found the entities Marcílio Dias, Cruz e Souza, Ponte Preta and the Rio-Pretense Cultural and Recreation Association, focused on events in the Afro community.