Innovation in the Health Area

A series of lectures and workshops on innovation and technology in the healthcare area were debated during “Innovation Week”, an online and free event promoted by Unimed Rio Preto. On June 16, Braile Biomédica's Director of Operations and Innovation, Rafael Braile, participated in a workshop entitled " Connections for Health", together with great names such as José Luis Crivellin (Chairman of the Board of Directors at Unimed Rio Preto), Sérgio Maciel (General Director at Unimed Rio Preto), Helencar Ignácio (Vice Director and Deputy Director of Personnel at FAMERP), Leandro Colturato (President of APM São José do Rio Preto), Marcelo Lorencin (Founder and CEO of Shift), and Dr. Daniella Bahia (Medical Director of Fleury Group).