Braile Biomédica promoted the presentation of the Live Case

On February 23th, Braile Biomédica promoted the presentation of the Live Case at the Specialization Course in Endovascular Surgery (CECE), promoted by Dr. Armando Lobato.

Held by Dr. Guilherme Meirelles, at Hospital Samaritano de Campinas, the case was accompanied by the Technical Support Coordinator, Ana Luiza and the Commercial Consultant, Maria Laura Molina and, the case was transmitted and assisted by residents, UNIMED auditors and other interested parties. .

The products used in the procedure were all Braile Biomédica, being branched endoprostheses, Linus® and iliac extension. According to Maria Laura, the doctor was satisfied with the result of the procedure using Braile products and their assistants, some who did not know the materials, were impressed by the quality.

In addition to the quality, constantly reaffirmed by Braile Biomédica, the monitoring and importance of the rapprochement between doctor and developers was proven and made all the difference to the success of the case.

According to patient follow-up information, 69 years old, is doing well and recovering at home.