Mission, Vision and ValuesMission, Vision and Values

"Develop innovative technologies that reduce the overall cost of health and are accessible for the population for the greater purpose for caring of people"


"Being a leader in developing countries, driving our technology and innovation, ensuring access and security"


Life first: the health of the patient is our focus. Since the beginning of the company, the effort to unite new technologies with affordable costs to the patient's needs, is the priority of Braile Biomédica.

Be ahead of time: what can be more innovative than leaving a large center after graduation and coming to the "wilderness" to break heart surgery? This is and has always been the spirit of Dr. Domingo Braile, founder of the company, who brought this "way of being" to the organization. The innovation is in the DNA of Braile Biomédica and therefore is one of the most important values of the company, which seeks to remain at the vanguard of medical science.

Nothing resists work: Phrase from Prof. Zerbini, affectionately adopted by Dr. Domingo Braile in the routine of the company, which transmits the whole spirit of Braile's family, who believes that hard and committed work will always generate good results. Do your best and the result will come.

To work ethically is to believe in the future: how to work for life if the relationships that permeate this work are not ethical? What's the point? Respecting and maintaining transparency and honesty in relations with all stakeholders is and will always be the relentless struggle of this company. We believe that ethics is the basis for building fairer relationships.

Generation of profit and employment in a sustainable way: profit is indispensable for any organization and generate jobs is an honor for our company. However, the balance between profit and employment generation is primordial for business continuity. We value healthy indebtedness and the valuation of talents, so that the maintenance of the business structure is guaranteed in a conscious and lasting way.