Our overall target
Ensure long-term partnerships with our customers, providing world-class solutions in under development countries and reliable services that meet established functional and non-functional requirements.

Our mission
Develop innovative technologies that reduce the overall cost of health and are accessible to the population for the greater purpose of caring for people.

Our commitment and goals
We are aware that our customers' consistent satisfaction is vital to the survival of the business. So we persistently work with long term secure partnerships with each client and we aim to do this with the following goals:

1) Emphasize human value and personal relationships, with great effort in appropriate communication, transparency and human relationship, where each person can contribute through effective teamwork, as an integral part of our culture.

2) Continuously develop the processes that lead to achieving levels of performance in all activities of the organization, to create a productive work environment whose performance is based on meritocracy.

3) Ensure the quality standards are assist before of delivery of our products and services through appropriate quality controls and adequately designed processes to comply the customers requisite.

4) Strive to continually improve our processes and performance with respect to ISO and GMP regulatory requirements and process and product management marks.

5) To comply with national and international regulations with practices adopted by the Integrated Management System.


Braile Biomédica seeks quality in its highest degree with a commitment to save lives. It has the certifications: Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices and Control of Health Products - ANVISA, Certificate of Registration - Quality Management System ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016 - BSI and Certificate of Conformity - Extracorporeal Circulation System - BRTÜV.
The Certificates have periodic renewals, which can be verified and printed, as follows.