ECMO from Hope to Solution

News like this is a great satisfaction for us and living proof that our purpose is being fulfilled and that we are helping to take care of people and re-establish many lives and families in Brazil and in the world!

Vitória, 24 years old, diagnosed with Covid-19 after giving birth to her first-born, needed to be intubated and used the ECMO, equipment that has been used in critically ill patients with the new coronavirus when mechanical ventilation is no longer effective. The Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation therapy was introduced precisely so that the patient's lung could rest while the machine did the work. After days of fighting for life, the machine could be removed and after 20 days the mother met her son. Full article:

The SOLIS System, Braile's ECMO equipment was the equipment used in this case. The extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine was created in the midst of the pandemic, seeking to meet a need and help save patients, especially now. It was developed in partnership with the Eldorado Institute, EMBRAPII (Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation), the São Paulo Development Agency and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, bringing hope and showing that Brazilian industry is as competent and agile as any another in the world and makes a difference in people's lives!